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Bus travel in Mexico is generally proficient, economic and comfortable. The principle thought while mulling over getting around by bus is the great distances involved. Driving yourself will give you greater adaptability, however, may likewise involve a few perils. Driving can give you significantly more opportunity than different types of transportation in Mexico, yet it has a few drawbacks too.

You need to discover your way on streets that might be in questionable condition and have poor signage, you have to deal with other drivers who may make left turns from the right lane and vice versa and don’t seem to know what a turn signal is, as well as a host of other hazards. In case you are thinking about driving in the Yucatan Peninsula or Baja, you will see it genuinely simple to get around, whereas driving in other areas can be a lot more challenging.

Global VIP Pass is a famous bus service in Mexico. We offer the following benefits:

Proven safety record

Safety is a major deal for us. We have seats with three-point seat straps on the majority of our new buses – as per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s ruling.

Aside from another bus service in Mexico, our buses are fitted with wheelchair lifts, to suit travelers who are going in a wheelchair.

Greener engines & lower emissions

Our buses meet the most recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. What’s more, our eco-friendliness implies that each Global vipass bus produces only 1/3 of the carbon dioxide per traveler per mile than a hybrid vehicle.

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is free on all of our busses, for all travelers. We consider it to be an unquestionable requirement to have nowadays, not an exceptional element. So go ahead, check your emails or Instagram window scenery from the road.

Personal power outlets

We have one of the best busses available. Every seat of our bus has its very own standard electrical plug, so you can keep your gadgets charged right to your destination. Getting off with a completely charged cellphone is additionally help in case you are exploring around another place.

Reclining, spacious leather seats

Our comfortable leather seats are movable and have a helpful hassock, so you can find only the best place to relax. When you are settled, prepare to have a good deep sleep.

Additional legroom

When you plan to travel in our new and freshly maintained buses, you will find that we have actually removed an entire line of seats instead of endeavoring to press more passengers in. So there’s clearly more space to relax when you ride with Global vipass.

No center seats

On our busses, everybody gets a window or a walkway situate. Along these lines, you do not have to stress over getting squashed in the center and battling for armrests.

Overhead luggage compartment

You can free up more space around you by putting your lightweight things in the luggage compartment over your seat.

On-board bathroom

We do stop for rest, however, it’s great to know there’s a bathroom on board each bus on the off chance that you need it.


Each Global vipass bus is completely fitted with the most recent innovation to use fuel neatly, lessening our effect on the earth.