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Book Global Airport Concierge to be convenient


Book Global Airport Concierge to be convenient

When traveling, taking a group or company staff is a big responsibility. In such cases, people are more and duty is higher. In order to manage everything perfectly, each element should be given full focus. Like how to arrange people, management of transportation, giving VIP protocol at an individual level and most of all managing airport procedure.

Global Airport Concierge

To help you in such situations, global vipass has established a global airport concierge which is both convenient and time-saving. By having years of experience and most elegant and hardworking workforce, we are always busy to attain customer`s satisfaction. To help you manage a big group our agent helps you out. Here are some moments at an airport where our assistance can be very cooperative.

Global Airport Concierge

When you and your group arrive at the airport our agent will be waiting to receive you. It is in their duty to give you a warm welcome and a VIP protocol. Traveling to another city to attend corporate meetings or seminars is all about managing people especially when most of them are unfamiliar with the area. In this regard, our global airport concierge can help you a lot. The trained agents know how to make you and your guests feel special. It is a very important element when you are managing upper authority. With our fine services, you will be given a hand, a companion and a guide to help you throughout the airport process.

Luggage Responsibility

Managing the luggage of each and every person is very difficult especially when the responsibility of the whole group is on one person. In a new city where the language and the area are unfamiliar, having concierge assistance on your side is very helpful. Through global vipass, your luggage management becomes our responsibility. We know the difficulty passengers face during luggage claim and clearance. There is a wait for hours and long line to check out. So, we help you out right in the field and wait in lines instead of you, while you relax and get a chance to know the area. It sure is fatigue to wait for hours after a long flight, especially when people are more and so does the baggage.

Assistance during arrival and departure

A concierge company like global vipass have assistances for arrival and departure. If you are arriving on an airport a concierge agent will receive you and do everything for you. Usually in a new city language barrier can make things more stress full. So to avoid that our agents are local and have complete command over the native language. On your behalf, they will talk and on your disposal, they will work. It is all about giving you protocol upon your arrival. When it comes to departure, only one booking can give you the best assistance, a convenient help, and a friendly companion. To manage bigger groups, they will assist you and escort you all the way.


A concierge service has different packages which can include transportation on your demand. Usually for a larger number of people or groups, arranging transportation sometimes become difficult and stress full. Therefore, to facilitate in such conditions our agents take full responsibility for arranging transportation for you. you can easily move your group to hotels. They know the routes and brief the driver to make everything easier. In order to do everything in perfection, our agents just don’t claim, they act. We believe in client’s satisfaction and do everything in our reach to give you comfort and convenience.